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I have a 1999 MBZ ml320.  I'm having trouble removing the car stereo on one side ( the left side ) which is stuck.  On the other side it slide out with no problem.    I do have special tool to remove BOSE car stereo.  I don't know what to do and I'm afraid to pull too hard other wise I'll damaged the plastic face plate.  What should I do to release the stuck part? Thank you for info.

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MBFanatic  5 months 3 weeks ago

Put some pressure on the head unit and push it on the dash (do not pull it) when you insert the tool into the slot. 

Sometime when you pull it, there is too much resitance for the tabs on the side and then they will not unlock. Below you can see a picture of the plate that locks the radio in place. 

ml radio stuck

I know it is supposed a straight forward procedure but take a look at this video as well. 

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Richard J. Kelly  5 months 3 weeks ago

Thank you for your info.  I will work on it.