Have a 2002 CL 500. Have a hard time fining the "clip" that holds side mirror housing so I can slide it off.  Some YouTube videos make look obvious, some on the inside bottom, some of the inside top. I just cannot see it. Do you have a diagram, or parts map?



The clip is behind the mirror itself, but you'll need to remove the mirror to get at the clip.  Tilt the mirror all the way down so you can pull it out; the mounting screw for the housing is right behind that. It's toward the outside and is a Torx screw. 

Thanks Jonah. I will be looking at that in the next couple of days. Are you saying that first I have to tilt the mirror down and pull/pry off the mirror (won't break?), then remove the mounting screw to remove the housing? Thanks again,

Yes.  Be careful when pulling or prying though, as the mirrors can crack easily, but you shouldn't have an issue.  The mirror pops back in when you're done, it shouldn't need screws or anything.  Try to center the mirror when replacing it, so that way the adjuster controls don't get out of order. 

I was able to carefully remove the mirror, gave me more space to "explore".  I also unscrewed the mirror engine (3 screws) for more space.  I was not able to find any screw that could be used to loosen the housing. At the bottom of the mirror, close to the door side, there is a clip - was not sue if it is the one needed to remove the housing, I did not remove it because I did not want to break it - not sure how it is removed.  I assembled it all back and popped the mirror back ion place. 

I should say, that behind the clip, you can sort of see a t screw, but there is no space to get to it.