Reverse lights out

Question by toddwray posted 3 weeks 5 days ago in 1998-2005 (W163)

I have a 2003 ML350 that I was installing a backup camera on yesterday. Unfortunately while using the continuity meter I shorted or blew out a fuse. The battery was on and the ignition was turned to the 2nd position. I was trying to tap into the driver side reverse light wire to power my camera (which I believe is the gray wire but still need confirmation) so I put the shifter into reverse while the car was off but ignition on and when I touch the continuity meter to the bulb socket I saw a spark and the passenger side reverse light went out. I took the bulb out of the drivers side reverse light to get an accurate 12v reading from the multi meter. All of my taillights and signals still work and as far as I can tell nothing else was affected by my blunder. I can’t seem to locate a fuse for the reverse lights and everything I’ve been reading says there’s not a traditional fuse but a switch and fuse underneath on the drivers side of the transmission that is not easily accessible. Is this true and if son do I need to get it on  lift to see? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you