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I have the above-mentioned car year 2000. It is petrol v6 E320. As it stands it is running very badly, on idle it is sometimes ok but then changes do a very slight roughness. once in drive the car will move but if the accelerator pedal is fully pressed then I loos all power. 12 new spark plugs have been installed and 2 catalysts have been replaced at great expense. The car is also drinking excess fuel. Any idea what may be causing this? would a faulty transmission cause this? I woudlnt have thought so as it can be very rough idling on cold. Thius problem occoured when the suspension cup was replaced after standing for a while. 


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MercedesMedic  2 months 2 weeks ago

Is your check engine light on? Without reading the codes it is hard to tell. Two things that are common problem on that car that I would check are: 1. mas air flow sensor 2. Pedal accelerator sensor

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Mani1981  1 month 1 week ago

For the record, this problem was solved with a mass air flow sensor. The car was back to normal for a while but now when the accelerator pedal is pressed it has started feeling sluggish again. Firstly can you recommend a universal conversion OBD2 plug i can use on this car

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MercedesMedic  1 month 1 week ago

Do ecu reset by pressing the gas pedal for 30 seconds. Search for exact instructions online. Sometimes calleded Mercedes 722.6 transmission reset procedure. 

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