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I have a 2007 Mercedes w211 that will not link to either obd2 scanner that we have tried. Both scanners work on other vehicles.  We have tried all of the tips and tricks we have come across.  Yes, the fuse is good, yes the pins are fine, yes there is power to the plug.  Both scanners come, initialize, run through their set up, and then both give a "linking error" and "waiting for communication" messages.  Does anyone have any input at all?  Thanks in advance.


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EuroTech  10 months 2 weeks ago

I had an older MB that the scanner would not communicate with the OBD2 port.

The car run fine except the OBD2 was dead. What ended up being the problem is that one of the ground wires for the 16pin connector. I grounded the shorted wire to the frame and the OBD2 scanner was able to work.

Check the power terminals on the OBD2 port. There are two ground and a positive. The others are for communicating with the ECU.

I would check 4 5 and 16.

obd 2 port

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3thirtyone  10 months 2 weeks ago

Thank you for the info....sadly, we have tried this already as well....there is power to the plug, the scanners come on, the setup runs, but in the end the car fails to communicate....SO FRUSTRATING, lol

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