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Hi Guys

Heres an easy one for you so I will give details

Bought sl63 amg 5.5 engine a few years ago

Started fitting it in my retro Mercedes 190e. Big job but its sitting in there fine and I will be making a flywheel and using a 6 speed manual box

Wiring loom and ecu and keys etc are from an e63 amg with the same type engine

Heres the tricky part

The e class amg was badly damaged and I had to replace fuse box front sam, I also did not get the airbag ecu and decided not to buy the gearshift lever

This was a big mistake and I purchased a new gearshifter that was expensive

I have hung wiring loom on wall and connected leads for earths etc to 190. The alarm system and key operate the clocks but it wont start

All power is going to ecu etc but I have these issues

Borrowed a scanner and it says all alarm and eis is fault free. That's one hurdle achieved

The airbag module is missing but I have seen there is a violet wire that does not enable the car to crank and start. The wire gives a negative reading at the moment to ecu

Would a star scanner be able to delete the airbag ecu and re set the car as if no airbags were fitted??

The brake pedal switch is a solid item with no moving parts???. Is it magnetically switched or senses image??

The gear position lever does not select gear positions on clocks, either it needs the gearbox ecu or something else

I have studied wis until I feel sleepy lol. There is a wire for manual cars on the ecu to say clutch is depressed to start. I don't know of any amg 5.5 bi turbo manual vehicles but might the ecu be coded or wired to work from this pin anyway???. It would save me a lot of hassle

I want to know if any scanner can delete airbag circuit and gearbox circuit even if ecu is not present

Buying a tool that could do this is ok as I have other projects planned so it would be worth buying if it could do such tasks

If anyone knows how to fool my ecu and give the violet crash wire the correct signal to enable crank and start that would be even better

It must be able to be done as all other feeds are happy but no fuel no crank. I have not checked if it sparks yet

I bridged the relay to get it to turn over

Help would be much appreciated to save me hours with wires and a multi meter. If I could just give the feed it needed to the engine ecu I could sort it

I don't want to feed any power as obviously these ecu modules are rare and expensive

I do have a spare of the sl with keys but no clocks and all pins are different on ignition switch




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MBFanatic made a comment.
11 months ago

Wow that's a big job you are taking on. 

I can not confirm 100% if STAR will be able to disable the airbag but my guess is that it will. In the past I have  been able to program the airbag module and various componets (present / not present) but never completly delete airbag. 

If you get a star scanner with Developer features, you should be able to code the ECU. The developer plugins allow you to code the various components just like the factory can. The only down side is that some of the programming needs online access. 

The other thing that you should be able to programm is manual / auto gearbox. The ECU you have is programeed for auto and it needs to be switched to manual transmission. 

I don't know if I was much help but I would love to hear how your project goes. Please keep this post updated or post your own DIY to keep us in the loop. I have been wanting to put a 5.5 AMG engine on a R170 and fit a manual trsnmission. 

Maybe I can learn a few lessons from you. :)

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gazamg made a comment.
11 months ago

Thanks for that

You are the most helpful so far. I will do it and I am sure it will be fine

If I knew what info that violet crash wire sends that might be the key

I will see if anyone has a star scanner

Send me your email address and I will keep you posted on the project

You know way more than me about scanners and what can be done. I need some advise on that score as I am shit with anything pc etc. I mean really bad lol


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MBFanatic made a comment.
11 months ago

Hi Gaz, 

I am glad I could help (somewhat) :). If you have any further questions feel free to ask. 

On a side note, I would recommend that you POST a DIY (link on top menu). It allows you to keep all your DIY projects in one place. This is a very exciting project that I would personally love to know more about. I am sure other members will find your post useful as well. 


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