SRS Light ML550


Bought a really gorgeous 2008 - ML550 in early 2017. The car one problem. The steering wheel controls were gooey and sticky. New switch packs are not available, and the decals would not have worked with this problem. I tried several chemicals to wipe off the mess, but that didn't work either. So I bought a 2010 Wood and Leather wheel to match my old one. Then I bought an airbag to match the new wheel. All was good. I installed the new wheel and airbag, and sold my old one on eBay. When I did the installation all went well, until I forgot and turned on the ignition with the airbag disconnected! So it threw an SRS light of course. I lived with it for a while and didn't think much of it. After a while I bought am MBII Carsoft unit, and found that my cam magnets were bad, but also that I could not reset the SRS. MBII claims resistance is too low (.90 vs 2.85) as compared to the other three airbags in that circuit. I wouldn't have thought that this simple OEM change out would have created this issue. Should I try to resist it up, with a resistor between the airbag and the system, or should I just get another airbag? What should the airbag resistance be for those two year airbags on a W164 from 2008 and 2010?