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I had an independent mechanic change my steering lock module after it locked up in my 2009 Mercedes C300 4Matic . When I got it back the ESP message was on. He said I might need a new battery. I got a new AGM battery and that didn't help. So I got an iCarsoft MBII scanner and got N49 sensor angle fault. When I drive looking at the steering angle data, the angle is -180 grad driving straight ahead, up to -400 grad turning one direction and 350 grad the other direction. 

I have tried the calibration procedure several times, but the ESP message comes back on.

I am thinking the SAS is working but maybe the tech rotated the clock spring or the steering knuckle when he changed the steering lock module. 

Also my turn signals do not turn off by themselves when straightening after turning and moving the steering wheel adjustment up/down moves it forward/backward and vice versa.

These issues make me think the steering column was not re-assembled correctly rather than just a rotated clock spring.

I would appreciate any feedback before I go back to talk to the technician-Thanks.


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MBFanatic  4 months 4 weeks ago

It sounds that the clock spring was not installed properly. It needs to be installed correctly (rotate 180 degrees) and perform steering angle calibration.

I would take it back to the mechanic who did the work.

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yakzz  4 months 4 weeks ago

Thanks MB fanatic. So the steering angle should be at 0 degrees driving straight ahead, correct? Would the clock spring also affect the turn signals and the steering column adjustment, or are those different issues?

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