Suspension Problem?


I have a 2000 S500 and have been told by the mechanics at the MB dealer that my air compressor is out (I am getting the notice to visit the airmatic shop) and I have also been told I need struts. This information was given to me after I had already dropped 1k for what I thought were minor problems (tail light, side mirror signal light) so needless to say I wrecked the vehicle back home. I have had the vehicle home for several months sitting in my garage and it was completely on the ground. The other day I decided to get it jumped off and pushed the button for it rise up, it rose but just barely over the tires (you can fit your hand in between the tire and the car barely) and it will not go up any higher and the visit workshop is still on. I am ready to get it fixed but I don't want to spend all that money for no reason. I need some help and advise! Sorry for the long post!