Switched 12v and Ground wires

Changing head units to a modern one. I need to find a 12v power line and a ground wire in the center console. The original head unit removed had a single plug, which when unclipped is the 2 light MOST diode plug and 3 wires that don't seem to have power or ground.Those are the only wires connected to the original head unit.

I'l like to find a ACC switched line and a ground to connect to the new head unit.





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MercedesMedic made a comment.
1 year ago

For the ground you can use any existing bolt on the frame. On your old HU there should be a ground wire as well though.

For the positive I would tap on the fuse box. Feed from a fuse that doesn't have much demand or seems safe. For example the cigartte outlet which is also switched on when ignition is on.


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