symbol Of car with two lines under it

Question by LovinMyDream20 posted 2 months 3 weeks ago in BMW

I have a 2007 BMW 328i and my battery stopped locking my door so I went to a lock smith to get them to put a battery in it, well to my surprise they wouldn’t touch it ? So with the covid19 in the beginning and everything shutting down I have let it go. They last week I had a key light come on my dash and for whatever reason where I insert my fobe it started pushing the key out and it would fall at my feet?? I called my mechanic and they are closed for two weeks for vacation. So it’s starting and driving but today I start it and it started then a minute later it stopped running and a car with what looked like two line under it and maybe a line under the car like a lift?? Not sure it happen so fast but now it won’t start. The car battery was replaced five months ago so I I can’t find the symbol for what that is, does someone know what’s going on? Thanks