Torque Specs Upper Control Arm GL (X164)

Question by Papushkian posted 3 months 3 weeks ago in 2007-2012 (X164)


In changing the airstruts on my 2011 Mercedes GL 450, I damaged the boot for the ball joint on the Upper Control Arm.  I decided to change both sides since it's a pretty simple procedure.  I already installed the right side, but I have not yet tackled the driver side.  I have not had any luck in finding the torque specs and was wondering if anyone could help me.  I tightened the bolts to the frame once I lowered the car to the ground (at ride height), but I am not sure if it's too tight because I can hear a lot of squeaking of what I presume are the bushings.  I do know that the torque spec for the ball joint to the steering knuckle is 20Nm and another 90 degrees, but I have had no success in finding the torque specs for the bolts to the frame.  Would anyone have those specs, and if so, would they please share them?

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