Can the engine of Toyota 86 meet the daily commuting?

Acceleration is not the selling point of the 86, and handling is its domain. With the short body size, the car feels clean and uncluttered. When you are driving, your adrenaline will soar, and the fun of driving will slowly manifest itself.



ReyM, June 2, 2021

Toyota 86 is an entry-level sports car jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru; that is why you cannot compare its acceleration to a high-end sports car; however, a Toyota 86 will fit your daily commuting requirements due to its fuel efficiency, parts availability, and cheaper spare parts. You won't get bored using it. 

I agree, the 86 is a great sports car to drive every day. Now, it's not particularly fast, but you'll get 30 mpg easily if you drive it nicely, and you'll have fun while you do.