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I have a 2011 Mercedes GLK 350 that I am having transmission problems.  Wanted to see if anyone had any idea if my transmission is in fact going bad.  Changed the fluid and filter and there were no metal shaving in there, seemed clean.  Symptoms were a slight hesitation.  Once fluid/filter changed car seemed to be doing good up until about 2 weeks ago.  The hesitation came back and my tach is bouncing and every now and then it feels like I am going over rumble strips which it looks like in all the discussions it maybe my torque converter going bad.  Does this mean I am going to need a complete transmission?  There are no check engine lights on.



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MercedesMedic  2 months 3 weeks ago

Good to know you did the transmission service. The bad news is that it did not help.

What I would suspect is a transmission conductor plate issue. This is common on these cars. Multiple speed senosr are mounted on the conductor plate and they can fail. The conductor plate is in the transmission. You actually got very close to it when you changed the transmission filter. It can be removed replaced or repaired. If you replace it will be very expensive and not worth it. The better alternative is to have a shop that repairs them fix yours. You will take the valve body off and ship it to the shop that you decide to send the valve body too.

Now you may think can I install a used valve body. No becasue the transmission control unit is mounted on top of the conductor plate. If you install a used unit, the car will not shift. On the 5 speed you could easily install a used unit but not on the 7 speed. Check on your area to see if you find a shop that will repair your conductor plate. If not there are several listiong on eBay that offer Mercedes 722.9 repair service. Take a look.

The only thing is that I am assuming it is the conductor plate since it is a common problem. You need to verify that in fact that is the issue. You will need to use a scanner that can read fault codes from Mercedes Benz Transmission Control Unit or TCU. You can learn more about Mercedes scanners here.

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