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Audi A5 2017 gearbox in limp mode after I change oil put it in any Gear still won't move after I drain the oil out of my Audi I put back 4 litre inside the box I could not put any more start running out I was told 7 litre should be in the box I tried to put it in gear it did not move i put it in D and reverse and it still won't move is anyway around this time I doing something wrong


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MercedesMedic  2 months 2 weeks ago

A fault code may have been set on the transmission module and which threw the car into limp mode. At this point you need a scanner that can read the fault codes from the transmission control moudule. If the codes are stored status, you can simply clear them. The only thing you need to worry is if there are any Present or Current codes.

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