Transmission Malfunction on my idrive

Question by cheech posted 3 weeks 5 days ago in 2004-2009 (E60, E61)

EGS: code-4F85 Ratio monitoring clutch E, code-4F8D Ratio monitoring gearshift 5-4

I've owned my BMW 2007 525i E60 Automatic Sedan for 2wks now and almost straight after buying the car and driving it, On my dash pops up a red jiggered circle with an ' ! ' inside it, and the idrive has a warning light telling me i have a 'Transmission fault  possible reduction in acceleration have problem checked "  Apart from this warning lights the car runs very smooth/good. I do have a small leak in my transmission though. Now I've been looking online and I've read solutions from getting a new battery to changing the rubber seal adapter and rubber seals to the solinoids to clutch plates. All it's done is confuse me. Do I have to take the gearbox out?? Does anyone know? I'm not sure what gearbox I have exactly. I've tried the transmission reset and that never worked. Can anyone help me??