Had the transmission malfunction warning light come on a total of four times in about 5 weeks. It will only come on if I'm on the highway going 80 miles per hour or more for 15 to 25 minutes. If I pull over take the key out and put it back in the car runs normal. I took it to BMW service center and they could not find anything wrong with it. No codes came up for them. They reset the transmission computer. I change the transmission fluid filter in pan after the first time the light came on. It did run better. The mechanic said there was no metal shavings when he changed the fluid so it looked good. Nobody can figure out why this light is coming on and every mechanic says my transmission is good. One of the mechanics a code came up ratio monitoring clutch C. But like I said BMW did not see anything wrong with it and no codes on their end. Of course it happened again a week ago and I don't know how to fix this


I would make sure the transmission fluid level is correct. If it is slightly low it can act up at random times.

The next thing is to call the dealer and see if there is a software update for your transmission.

2010 BMW X5 XDRIVE 3.0I E70. 147,000 kms

Same problem as above, car drives normally like a dream, took car on to freeway drove out of town for about 50 miles to get rid of some junk gas in the tank, gassed up with Premium gas, drove back to town, about 30 miles into return trip had to overtake changed to outside lane and gunned up to about 80mph gunned it further to move back to inside lane and BOOM transmission error lights up, after leaving freeway pulled over shut down engine fob out, fob in restart engine everything normal, no fault code setdrove home, checked transmission oil level, on flat surface, when level plug removed there was no drip, pumped in some more oil after about half liter started to drip out, put plug back started car and run through gears etc, car was already pretty hot, checked level again took about another 1/4 liter to get a stream out started, I am using VALVOLINE MAXLIFE DEXRON III/MERCON 3/GA; GA6HP19Z, I dont see any leaks, but if error returns I will change filter pan and the mecatronics sleeve and bridge seals.

Stephanie , 2019-04-08

Ok. I wrote this post a year ago. It turned out to be a defective part from BMW. It was the PCV VALVE in the valve cover! It ruined my whole engine with the trapped heat! Make sure this part was replaced by BMW, if not , go get it done. It's free because of the defect.

Roxana, 2019-05-31

Hi stephanie would like to ask you where do you live ....
I live in Dubai and I'm facing the exact same problem and the only mechanic who seemed aware of this problem mentioned something about clatch E error....
And the aganicy for BMW here recommended entire gear change which cost allot and beyond the car value in the market now ....

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