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I am going away for three weeks and would like to know the best way to trickle charge my 2007 Mercedes CL600. 

Thank you. 


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MercedesMedic  1 year ago

Hi Darren, 

Three weeks is not that long. Technically if your Mercedes does not have any issues and a good battery, it should start right up in three weeks. 

Still setting up a battery trickle charger is a great idea. 

If it was my car I would get a battery maintanier that provides around 2 to 6 Amps and connect it to the jump starting terminal located in the engine bay. 

The positive is covered with a red cap. The negative is a coper post but you can use any bare metal on your car. 

This will be more than enough to keep your Mercedes battery in top shape. 

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Pirate  1 year ago

Thank you very much for your reply. Just to clarify do I only apply the trickle charger to the starter battery under the hood?

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MercedesMedic  1 year ago

Yes, your main concern should be the starting battery. 

When you get back connect the auxiliary battery to the charger for a few hours as well. Next to the main battery should be a plastic cover. If you remove that, there should be a brass pin which is the positive terminal for the auxiliary battery. That's how it is setup on the W221 and I think the CL should be the same.