The boot to my c180 kompressor 2005 model does not want to open with remote or button in car.  I lost the original key, but it gave me problems long before key was replaced.  I do not have key to open boot.  Please help




Fisi, December 29, 2020

You must program a new Key to the nearest dealer.

Reynaldo Monta, April 2, 2021

Dear Sir,

I believe the 1994 C180 locks are controlled by vacuum rather than electric. You may have a problem with your vacuum pump or you may have a vacuum leak. To be able to fix the vacuum pump, you have to get an access to your boot. Please try using WD4 or any penetrating lubricant to remove any corrosion on the locking mechanism and try using your key again.

Please find the step by step instructions in this link :…