How to turn engine over manually on Mercedes-Benz C200 W203 kopmressor 2001

The car has mixed water and oil in the engine. I found water in the air intake manifold ( which i have removed already) there was also water in the exhaust as i remove it from the manifold. Serpentine belt is removed and the spark plugs including the radiator for space purposes but its seems hard to manually turn the engine over. Should i use more force? I need help!


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Markthemechanic made a comment.
1 week 1 day ago



So your car went through a lot! I am not sure what happened but I am assuming you want to manually turn over the engine to clean it?

If you have never done this before, beware, as this is a complex task.


You can use 'more force' if you have successful unscrewed the engine from the case.

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Pen teller made a comment.
1 week ago

Before you embark on this, I would start by asking if you have done everything right up till this point to remove water? Have you cleaned the interior of the fuel tank? Have you drained some fuel? Maybe you cannot turn it over because there is a lot of fuel still present.. Have you removed the injectors?


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