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I would like to understand the chassis nos. system for Mercedes Benz cars. I want to be able to identify various different models including S Class coupes from chassis no.s from an importers sheet. Is there a key to identifying the model type from the first part of the chassis no? e.g.. is S400HVEXC the S class coupe? or does that apply to any of the current model S Class. Thanks.




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MBFanatic  4 months 2 weeks ago

Hi Martin, 

I will try to answer your question. It seems as we are taking about two different things here. First there is the chassis number which typically is like this: 

  • W220 -2000-2007 S Class
  • W211 - 2003-2008 E Class

Second is the model name. Yes, the model has a few letters behind the model, is that what you are looking for?

The first leter is the model. The next three numbers are related to the engine. They used to match engine displacement but not anymore. The next few letters is what I think you are after. While I don't have a cheat sheet, I would like to give you a few examples. 


  • W - Sedan
  • 4 - 4matic 


  • S - Station Wagon
  • 4 4matic


  • Coupe


  • R Roster (Hartop Convertible )


  • K Compressor


  • Soft  top convertible


  • Blue Tech Diesel 

R320CDI / E300D

  • Diesel


  • E - Electric


  • Hybrid

Hope this helps. It is good to tell by the model number, but I also would strongly recommend running a VIN decoder. There are a few free ones online. It will tell you the engine and a lot more about the car. 

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BMWadict  3 months 4 weeks ago

Nice explanation. 

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