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Hello Everyone, i have a 2005 fx35 infinity which was shaking a little when on red light, so i went to a mechanic shop and they told me it was coil #3 so i went to auto zone and purchase a spark plug,and the coil, went on and change it and Boom it crank perfect no shaking at all, 30 minutes later i was on my way home started loosing power so i parked it and, cut it off, now it only cranks but wont Start, no lights in the dash all normal, just wont start. What could it be?



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MBFanatic made a comment.
10 months 2 weeks ago

Let it cool down and see if it starts up without any problems. If it does start just fine you may have a bad CPS sensor. 

Also I would recommend that you go back to the parts store and read the trouble codes. My guess would be that a new code is set.

Let us know what you find out.


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