Valvetronic position reset

Question by Shadow1234 posted 4 months ago in 2007-2013 (E70)

Hi community I recently replace on my X5 2009 30i xdrive the valve cover and gasket and eccentric shaft sensor. But  when I went to put back the valvetronic motor I followed instructions that supposedly it reset by it self and apparently didn't. Anyways Im looking for a scanner that can do this job like some videos I have seen but I dont know wich one could work of the one that are mentioned in this page. I really need help since I did this job it wast that bad but after she turn on sounded good then I just accelerated a little it and make some noise and turned off. Open it back again and notice that the worm of the valvetronic motor like Mark the teeth where it mounts to move back and fwd. It did not broke but now I'm worried to event started without trying with a scanner. The Pic uploaded shows the marks I'm mentioning. Beside that I didn't saw anything wrong.