Hello everyone I have just posted a question about my fuel tanks, however I failed to mention 1 major thing I'm struggling with. I live in washington state my car was last registered in California washington an california has no records of my car. It was last registered in 89' and the tabs on it expired in 93'. (Which unfortunately is the year the gentleman passed away) I have sent letters out to the family and havent heard back and so now next step in is contacting the original manufacturer in the UK however I have attempted many many time via emails, faxing a couple letters to the jaguar heritage trust and have also left several messages. Then I discovered their country was on lock down cause of the virus so my question is who do I need to call or email or send a fax to to be able to get information and history reports about my car and the other historical information such as owners manuals repair parts catalogs and so forth I am at a total loss between the fuel tanks wont come out an cant acquire any info about my car an most importantly where do I find my 11 digit VIN number everywhere I look they tell me I have to have 17 however the year mine and the ones before mine didnt have them at 16 digits until much later than 74' so if anyone has a thought or suggestion or heck u want their fax number, office number, or an exact email address let me know over tried jaguar usa, the archives department, an 2 different places in the UK left several messages at all of them couple faxes an several emails to several different departments at their offices and in a month I havent recieved a single anything from anyone so if u know anywhere different I will happily try it out and thank you folks slit.



                              Karl S.