My TDI Sportwagon is approaching 230K.  Car has been a dream, especially since VW paid me out and I do 9-% of the work to it.  My question relates to the new firmware causing my DPF to reach 100% capacity and my DIY ability to force a regen cycle.  

Does anyone know if the FOXWELL NT624 Elite allows the user to force a regen cycle or is the ONLY way for a DIY'er to force a regen by purchasing a VCDS system?

Follow up; if only a VCDS system will do.  Enthusiast or professional?

Thanks for the help!



You can force regen on VW only with VCDS , you have many tutorials. Before doing that you must be familiar with VCDS.  Why do you need to force regen DPF ?

The VW will do regen when it see necessary.

Long story short.  I had my "emission modification" performed at 195K.  Reached 100% capacity on DPF around 202K and had DPF replaced at my expense. At 220K DPF got to 100% again.  New DPF, 20K after install. Took to VW and they covered the forced regen work needed and some other minor things under my extended warranty from emission modification.  No issues were found to relate to not running regen cycles.  Was told that it is likely due to driving habits, which I argue since I have not changed my driving habits. 

In theory if the car is not running regens properly, or if the firmware modification has changed behavior to the point where every 20K miles or so I will be stuck needing to perform a forced regen my choices are either, get cozy with VCDS and a forced regen, have deep pockets to go back to the shop every 20K, or sell it. 


I completely understand you. But I don't know why they have replaced DPF. The DPF could be cleaned with special machines with high pressure and it will work normally. Still it isn't the good solution to force regen with VCDS (if you know when DPF regen happens  it goes from 400 degrees until 600 degrees).  As I know  the car will go in regen cycle when it has fuel(more than 50%) , when you are driving  normally 80km/h-100km/h for sometime and when ECU will see that DPF it is filled around 20%-50%  and it will send more fuel to reach high temperature  and burn it inside.  So if you are driving in city all the time and if you are driving in short roads it is a problem  with DPF.   DPF regeneration usually takes 20-30min.