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Hello !!! i have a MB CLK 430 cabrio 2001.Few days ago the switch of electric roof has a standy red appearance,and that means electric windows,electric top. el side mirrors stop working!!!. would you like to tell me if there is anything I have to do -and I can do - to fix it myself ? Thank you in advance.


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marko0811  1 year 1 month ago


when you have the top up, press and hold the button to lower the head rests("roll bars") and see if that help

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clk430cabrio  1 year 1 month ago

Hi Marko,
unfortunately nothing has changed.I have already disconnected the battery for couple of minutes,for reset and everything is ok for couple of days.Then this button lights again and nothing works even head rests.
I must look again fuses or relais ???? This may be a problem of ECU?
Any kind of help would be great !
Thank you

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med ash  11 months 1 week ago


are you exam with obd diag?


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clk430cabrio  11 months 1 week ago


I do but my OBD cannot show that kind of problems.I have already check the relay of soft top,and fuses.

Do you know if there anything else to look at? 

Thank you


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