I have read your article on fixing the front diff issues with the W164 (pre 2012 MLs, and pre2013 GLs).  I have a W166 that, apparently has the same issues.  Is there a procedure, are there replacement bearings, for the later model SUVs? The dealer has told me that I need a new diff, and I would prefer to replace just the bearings if possible.  Any info on this that you could provide would be most appreciated!

Thanks so much!!


Brian Hiltscher



What is your VIN? I can see what the bearing part number is and we can do some research based on that. 

Hi, thanks for your reply!  I don't believe mercedes actually makes the bearings available separately, they want you to purchase the entire differential.  However, my VIN is:4jgdf2ee5ea341052


Hopefully you can find out!



Brian Hiltscher