W204 C220 CDI 2007 722.6 Gearbox Slip/Jolt

Question by aliam978 posted 8 months 3 weeks ago in C-Class


i have a C220 CDi on a 57 plate with the 5G 722.6 gearbox with 67k miles on the clock

when the car is cold between 1st to 2nd gear, the gearbox sort of slips and jolts then goes into second. In all other gears the changes are fine

when the car is fully warm, there is no problem, can't even tell of this issue occurring

I have changed the gearbox filter, oil and sealant so I was wondering what the issue could be? I have been reading about the 13pin connector but I need a definite answer before changing anything as it's most likely trial and error

The car does not go into limp mode I had diagnostics but nothing came up

i would appreciate it if I could get some useful help or advice.