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I have this problem that the pre tension on seatbelt dont work and the radio turns off on its own after a few seconds the horn dosent work heated seats dont work
Took it to mecchanic scanned it and found a fault
Low voltage power
Stored somewhere else
I have no idea


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BMWadict  1 year 1 month ago

How old is the battery? If it still OEM I would replace it. But from what you describe this can be a SAM issue. Get a good scanner and read all systems. 


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MBFanatic  1 year ago

Did you solve this problem? 

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masino69  1 year ago

The problem still here
Soon as i start car radio turns off in 20 seconds , horn and stering wheel functions stop working and pre tention on seat belt dont work, heated seats not working thats all for the moment
One more thing i was getting car washed and soon as the water started falling on car it stalled on me at end of wash i push button and car started
I dont know whats the problem
Have the car booked for the new year to be checked out
Can anyone help to pin point the problem

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