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about guided test key


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MBFanatic  7 months 1 week ago

Have you replaced any parts such as the shifter module or the valve body and conductor plate?? 

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Nguyễn Ngọc Châu  7 months ago

i don't activated ME control unit, when i programming ME control unit. Do you think the VIN of ME and the VIN of vehicle is not the same

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MBFanatic  7 months ago

The engine control unit ECU in this case Mercedes referes to it as ME is not allowing the engine to start. Can you go into the transmission menu and check the engine start is enabled or not? I think there is another "safety" module not giving the green light to the ME to enable start. There are many safety features in that car that can do this. Shifter module is also one of them. Brake light switch can also prevent start enable. I would look these items and diagnose them as well.

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