W209 Driver Side Defrost not working.

My 2004 CLK500 the driver side defrost not working. I did the test/reset by holding the defrost and recirculated air together. Both front defrost is working. After a couple of cycle the driver side defrost will closed and will not re-open but during the test I hear the stepper motor arm is broken due to the clicking sound when the arm rotate. The clicking noise is coming behind the radio.

I need to know witch stepper motor is it. I already replace (1) stepper motor for M2/10 (Left footwell). I don't have access to Mercedes SD scanner. I do have access to a Snap-On Solus Ultra scan tool. Not sure if the Snap-On can read the stepper motors.


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MBFanatic made a comment.
1 year 4 months ago

If you read the codes for the climate control you should get a fault code that points to the faulty stepper motor. My guess is that SnapOn should be able to do this as well. 


Let us know if this has been resolved already.


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