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I am getting ready to replace the valve cover gaskets (leaking) on my 2003 Mercedes E320 with 160k miles on it.  Since I don't know the service history of the vehicle, I was going to replace the spark plugs at the same time since I'll already be working in the area.  Should I also replace the spark plug wires?  They look to still be original but I do not know for sure.  And what about the ignition coils?  Should I replace those also?  The car is not currently misfiring or anything.


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MercedesMedic  2 weeks 3 days ago

If you are not experiencing problems I would leave everything the way it is just change the spark plugs. 


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Boki  2 weeks 2 days ago


You can reuse the coils, but I'd advise that you replace the coil leads, as this ones were emersed in oil. This damages them. 

Of course, renew valve cover gasket first.