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W221 S320CDI my2006 722.9 automatic transmission 

In the morning during first gear shift there is a jerk when it shifts to upper gear.The revs goes to +3000 and at the moment of shifting you can feel strong jerk.This happens only in the morning when the engine is cold and only for this first gear change.After that all gear changes are smooth even if the engine is still cold.Later on when the engine is hot there is no issue if you are starting the engine and driving the car. I have replaced transmission oil and filters 2 times and the electric control board has been replaced. Apart from this first shift there is no other issues with the transmission.This happens regardless of the driving mode(Confort,Sport or Manual)


Thanks in advance.


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EuroTech  10 months 1 week ago

My guess would  be that the valve body is the issue.

I would also check the engine mounts.


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Džole  10 months 1 week ago