Sorry to hear about your saga. Coil packs don't fail all at the same time. If you determine that one of the coil packs is bad, just repalce the bad one. No need to replace all of them.  As far as the missfire, I would look into the mass air flow sensor as well. They are known to be a problem on MB cars.

As far as the ESP light, it should have turned off on its own. If it is still on, you may have an issue with the brake light switch or one of the wheel speed sensors.

You can swap out the battery. Some people like to keep a secondary source pluged in. I don't like that method. Just in case I short the positive terminal to ground, I don't have to worry about frying electronics. Even though your S class has a small secondary battery in the dashbaord, but that's more just for the parking function.

I wouldn't keep going with seaform for more than 1k miles. My prefered method of using seaform is in the fuel tank to clean up carbon build up in the intake valves. If you use it in the oil, it will only clean engine deposits / sludge. Which I hope your car does not have. Keep it up with Mobil1, no need to add Seafoam in the oil.

Sorry for the latte reply and I hope I got to all your questions. I would like to know how things go from here.

Hi! I read your questions and glad that you got all the answers from an expert. Please let us know how things are working now.

Thanks All .I was told by Sea Foam To Use The sea Foam Spray on Both Air intakes with Light Throttle.Then Turn motor off and Let the Seafoam spray heat soak for a bit Then drive spiritually.A Mercedes Owner Said The Spray Won’t Do Anything Because the intakes Are So deep that the Seafoam won’t reach anything to clean.Any Opinion Will Help.Thanks 

 Sincerely,Marco Mercedes

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