I am Getting Ready To Replace Both Coilpacks,24 NGK Iridium Sparkplugs, and Voltage Transformer and I had a Few Questions. 1. Do I need to disconnect the +on the auxiliary Battery in the engine Compartment passenger side?2. is there an order to removing spark plugs? 3. Lastly I did a seafoam treatment in the gas and the crankcase and was told Spray Seafoam works well in the Air Intakes.Being a Bi Turbo with two Intercoolers should I spray half a can in one side or full cans in each then let dry soak and drive on the misfires?I also noticed after driving on the check engine light for a bit The Exhaust note got flat. I was told the coil packs going bad completely will cause this but hoping it doesn't have anything to do with my catalytic convertors. Thanks.         Sincerely,Marco Mercedes


You don't need to disconnect the positive on the aux battery.

Order does not matter at all.

I have used seafoam but it is not quite efective on MB intake since it a long path until it makes it to the cylinders. The best thing would be to run it a couple of times through the fuel tank.

do I need To Disconnect the  battery terminals at all for coil pack Sparkplug voltage transformer replacement?Thanks

You don't have to but you may get more freedom if you need to move the coil packs away. They are very easy to disconnect. Press on the little tab then pull.

Hello Mercedes Medic Ace. Can You Please Elaborate on your Reply?The Battery is not close to the coil packs  so not sure what you mean by disconnecting the battery may get me more freedom?And The Coil Packs are easy to disconnect or the Battery  Cables ?Lastly Press on What Little Tab Then Pull What Up? Thanks So Much For Your Time,Expertise ,And Advice.

 Sincerely,Marco Mercedes

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