Hi i have a w221 s class 320cdi  that was all working fine and then all of a sudden has developed a fault it starts but will not move i have tried all the different modes as in comfort sport and manual but it just will not move. The engine revs up when i put my foot on the accelerator but nothing else. I have sent it into the garage but they can not tell me for defiantly what is wrong with it. It did have two fault codes but i stupidly deleted them thinking it mite work and it was just a glitch. Unfortunately i did not take photos and can not remember what they where. It did have an issue about a week before it stopped moving and i did take photos of the fault codes that i have given to the garage. They recommended i get the transmission refurbished. I'm not sure what course of action to take next.... getting the transmission refurbished is very expensive and if they are not 100% sure it's that i could be out of pocket and still transport. They still have the car and have done a transmission service which has made no difference. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.




Hi Lee, 

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

If it was my car I would not jump and replace the transmission yet. 

From the information provided the problem is not identified yet. 

The 722.9 transmission is a solid transmission but does have a couple of flaws that in my opinion are minor.

I think you need to check the transmission fluid level first. That could be the problem. The transmission lines can leak by the transmission radiator up front. 

Next is to check the valve body operation. You will need to have star diagnostics scanner for this. 

You need a good technician to troubleshoot this problem. 

It's easy to dump 3k+ on a new transmission. It is a lot harder to diagnose the problem correctly.

Best of luck and hope to hear from you soon.

K2, 2018-09-19

I have a bmw that has a similar problem, it will go into reverse and that was it, pulled the codes and im getting a input shaft speed sensor error, from my research if this sensor is faulty it won't let the tranny ecu shift into gear because it does not know how fast its spinning, a good code scanner should be able to read tranny codes, but yeah you need to get codes scanned so you know how to investigate..dont leave it up to dealer! i can read codes for you but im in Ventura CA


Thank you for the replys. The transmission fluid is brand new as the garage did a gearbox service and nothing has changed it's still a non mover. It's still currently with the garage who have done nothing with it since as they still think it requires the gearbox changing or reconditioning and don't seem to be interested in looking any further.

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