w245 a/c issues

Good day. My w245 ( b180 petrol 1.7L with cvt) has recently started having issues with the a/c. During driving the a/c blows cold then shuts off leaving the blower to blow warm air. Sometimes it just starts blowing cold again for a couple minutes then goes back to warm. Carried car to agent who checked the gas and that was ok. They then told me the compressor and dryer would have to change soon. They still have not told me the problem!!! How could that be if the a/c blows pretty cold (when working)?

Can you advise me on this problem?




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CarCarePros made a comment.
1 year ago

I have had this happen on a E Class. What is happending is that one of the sensors that montiors pressure or temperature of the refrigerant is throwing a code. When a code is stored in the A/C unit it will disable the A/C compressor to prevent further damage to it.

At restart the codes get reset and your AC works fine. Until the sensor malfunction again.

What you need to do is get a good scanner that can access the AC unit on that car. When the problem happenes read the codes.

Then you will have to go from there. There is no point on chaning parts that don't need to be changed.


Let me know if you have any other questions.


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