Our original dash board went blank, so we had to replace it with a second hand one.  The kilometres do not show up, so its not legal to have an m.o.t. on it. 


Oh wow


Can you tell me details on which model it is? Which year?


If you already bough a second hand dashboard, I don't want you to go out and get a brand new quality dash board, because that will cost you a lot of money.


There is obviously two things that can happen: 1. Either there is a problem with the LED in the dashboard and the speed is not being displayed




2. The engine circuit that connects with the speed-o-metre is faulty and the speed is not being displayed because of that.


You can check with a general scanner to try and locate the problem.


But can you tell me more details. E.g. are the rest of the LEDs working? I am also assuming this is an LED speed-o-metre and NOT analog.

That's how Mercedes build those clusters so that people don't just swap clusters.

Technically the cluster needs to be "new". Then the VIN and miles can be programeed.

Depending on where you are, you may be able to find somone who will program a used cluster. Such places exist, they are hard to find.

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