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My car is making a weird sound when turning right sometimes left.  Into the turn and coming out of it, it seems to slow a bit. Then it purrs on through.The sound reminds me of  card in a bicycle wheel. Recently had outer tie rods, rack and pinion  and steering column done.  Also new brakes. Fluids are fine. Just a little over on transmission fluid. Mechanic seems to have no idea. He drove it and heard the sound. Service traction light came on and went off.  Visually everything looks fine. They had on the lift but could not duplicate the sound.  Any ideas as to what to check?


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BMWadict  5 months 2 weeks ago

Remove the brakes and inspect the wear sensor and abs wires.

I would check the abs wheel speed sensor as well.

Check wheel bearings.

Check the wheel well housing for any loose wires.


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jeremy  5 months 1 week ago

Were you able to resolve this problem?

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