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I have a 2011 S63 that has a leak on a hydraulic line in the ABC system. Luckily the line seems easy enough (for Mercedes so surely not easy) to replace but I will likely need to bleed the system after and would like the same recommended fluid. Thanks for any help


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MBFanatic  3 months ago

The original fluid is Mercedes-Benz Hydraulic Oil Q 1 32 0001  which is the same as  Pentosin CHF 11S. It is even printed on the Mercedes container. You can learn more about it here and how to do ABC system flush. mercedes abc fluid

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jorgeruiz  2 months 4 weeks ago

Thank you so much for the information.  I changed the damaged line... fairly easy to do.   I'm just wondering whether a full flush is required.  I did lose fluid and the indication stick shows very low.   I would go with the genuine mercedes fluid just for extra caution in mixing fluids but if the reservoir still has some fluid i shouldn't need to bleed the system you think?



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