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I found tons of info for the 4wd and vrc traction control module. Went to look on my 2wd and it is not there. No hook ups for it either. The dash lights are giving the same signals as displayed when the middle are out in a 4wd controller.

Any idea where I can find it? I assume it must be a completely different set up on the 2wd. 



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MBFanatic  5 months ago

ABS module is in the engine bay of your 4 runner. The abs works the same on 2wd and 4wd Toyotas. Can you post a picture of the lights that you have on? 

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BMWadict  5 months ago

I would check the wheel abs sensor as well. You can use a digital multimeter to test them. Also remove and clean the tip of the abs sensor as they often get dirty.