I changed out my camshaft sensor last year. No problem...it was right up front.  I can not locate the crankshaft position sensor. Same symptoms ... stalling, sputtering. I got the code from the computer.  Crankshaft sensor is the cause.  Now where in the world is it???


It is near the flywheel. In other words where the engine and transmission housing come together.

See picture below.

kia crankshaft position sensor

is this engine outside of the car. I literally have 0 play in this shrunken limo.  Is it inside a cover?  The cam shaft sensor was soooo easy. This crank shaft sensor is seriously getting on my nerves.  Thanks for the reply btw. 

It should be below the coolant hose that goes into the engine block, right where transmision and engine join.

kia sensor crankshaft

I'm going to check that out.  All the diagrams I have seen have shown it on the pully side (left). This would be much easier if it's on the right side.  I'll be back.  Thanks again for taking time to throw the pic at me..you rock!


Typically it is near the flywheel. Let me know what you find out. Maybe post a better picture when you replace it.

It is behind crankshaft pulley. I am going to have to take it in. The access behind the passenger wheel well is too tight for me to maneuver. Thanks for the help though.

I am having a similar problem. Did you take  any pictures of the sensor? Can you provide some details on how I can get to it? 

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