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So about a month ago my passenger side and 2 back windows would go down but would not come back up. The driver side was fine... I figured to be a faulty window power switch and decided to disconnect all but the driver cables from the center power switch until I had some extra cash to buy a replacement power switch... one night I was messing around with the buttons trying to clean them to see if that was the problem and hooked the windows back up...i forgot to disconnect them and my wife took the car to the shop the next day... the mechanic of course put all 4 windows down and then told my wife that the windows wouldn't go up.. my wife just told them to get them back up.. they did so and told her they disconnect them so it wouldn't happen..she told me and I didn't think much about it... fast forward to today when I get the replacement power switch and see the all the cables are connected.. so I tried them and nothing happened.. But driver side still works... I switched the replacement and still nothing from the 3 windows.. could it be the fuses?? I did check 2 of the four one the hood to use box and they were blown.. could the be my problem?? That all the mechanic did was swap my working fuses with blown ones so the windows wouldn't go down?? Sorry foe the long story and thanks for your help


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MBFanatic  1 year 2 months ago

Well it is possible that the fuse is the culprit. That's the first thing I would check. Three window regulators/motors don't quit all at once. With that said, the main switch does go bad on the ML. Replace the central window switch to eliminate that possibility, which you are already doing. Next check all the fuses. I do mean all. It doesn't hurt. If the fuses are not the problem my guess would be that it is either a wire harness problem or a defective SAM module.

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David Rodriguez  1 year 2 months ago

Hey.. thank you very much for your reply. Tomorrow more I will check all the fuses. Thanks again.. I'll report :)

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