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How to Replace a Honda Ridgeline Radio

DIY Cost: $0-$150
Est. Time: 30 min
Difficulty: Very Easy


This guide provides instructions on how to remove and replace the radio on the first generation Honda Ridgeline model years from 2006 to 2014.

What you need

How to Replace Honda Ridgeline Radio

Removing and replacing the radio on the 1st generation Honda Ridgeline is an easy task. Here is how to do it yourself: 

  1. Park on level ground and set the parking brakes. 
  2. Use a dashboard removal trim to pry out the radio trim. The trim also covers the instrument cluster. It comes off as one piece. It is held in place with clips and has no screws that need to be removed. Honda Ridgeline Radio Trim Removal
  3. Turn ignition to position I. Do not start the engine. Continue to keep the brake pedal pressed. 
  4. While you keep the brake pedal pressed, move the gear selector to Drive. Continue to press the brake pedal so that the vehicle doesn't roll. 
  5. Disconnect all the cables from the back of the dashboard trim. There are about six connectors that need to be disconnected. Honda Ridgeline Radio Trim


  6. Move the dashboard trim out of the way and move the shifter back in the "Park" position. DONA DASHBOARD  REMOVAL


  7. Remove all five screws that hold the radio in place. Two screws are on the driver's side. Ridgeline radioThree screws are on the passenger side.Honda Ridgeline Radio ScrewsYou will need a Philips screwdriver or an 8mm socket to remove the radio screws. 
  8. Remove the radio from the dashboard. Removing honda ridgeline radio
  9. Disconnect the wire harness on the back of the radio and remove the radio. Honda Ridgeline Radio Removal
  10. Reinstall the radio or an aftermarket radio in reverse order. Honda Ridgeline

Replacing the radio on a Honda Ridgeline is easy and takes less than 30 minutes. The hardest part is getting the dashboard trim out.

If your Honda radio doesn't work because it is asking for a code, you can get the code by calling the dealer or online. For more help, see our article on how to get Honda's radio code.