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Beatit 600A Lithium Pocket Jump Starter Review



This solid lithium jump starter not only fits in your glove box but can start vehicles with an eight-cylinder engine with a capacity of up to 5.5L gasoline engines or 4.0L diesel engines. It can easily jump start motorcycles, boats, and other four-cylinder engines. When jump starting a four-cylinder, it is able to provide up to 20+ jump starts on a single charge. This is due to the jump starter having a lithium battery instead of NiCad.  

BeatIt 600A jumpstarter uses a 14000 mAh lithium battery which allows it to be so small that it can fit into your pocket.

Provides 600A peak current and 250A starting current. 

The Beatit is more than a jump starter. It can also be used as a power bank to charge tablets, smartphones, cameras and other electronic devices. It has a built-in LED flashlight that you can use if you need to jump start your vehicle at night. 

One of the main advantages of the Beatit Car Jump Starter is the fact that it provides spark-proof technology and reverses polarity protection. This is a safety feature that makes it safe in case you accidentally cause a short. 

Key Features: 

  • Spark Proof Technology 
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Overload Protection
  • Smart Charging USB Port
  • Flashlight / SOS Mode
  • Integrated CPU chip to monitor current draw
  • Temperature range: (-25 to 60 Celcius)

Charging electronic devices such as iPhone and Android phones

The time required to charge devices is always a point of concern, and that is why the Beatit 600A Car Jumpstarter Booster considers this. To improve device charge time, Beatit has integrated an adaptive Smart Charging 2.1A 5V port which makes this power bank efficient for charging devices via the USB port. Built in IQ, smart charging USB port means the charger can auto-detect if an iPhone, Android, iPad, Kindle device is plugged into the USB port and provide the current so that the device can charge at the maximum possible speed.

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Heavy-duty cables and clamps

These are critical when jump starting your car. A weak cable can quickly heat up and cause fatalities and damages. Also, light clamps are prone to burning out especially due to the high amounts of power used during the process. Among the most remarkable features of an original Beatit 600A Car Jumpstarter Booster are these.

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Safety features

With the Beatit 600A Car Jumpstarter Booster, you should be sure to be free of power risks. Beatit uses advanced technology such as reverse polarity protection, overcharge protection, and spark proof avoidance technology. With this, you are safe even if you accidentally set up jumper cables the wrong way. The reverse polarity protection is beneficial especially when jump starting modern or luxury cars. We have seen many cases where owners caused severe damage to circuit boards due to improper connections. 


The built-in LED light provides light in the event of an emergency and can be used as an SOS signal lighting. 

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The Beatit 600A Car Jumpstarter Booster has a small size of only 9.7 x 5.4? x 4.2? (length, height, and width). With such a size, you do not have to worry about how to store it in the vehicle?s trunk because you can store it in the glove box. The weight is below 2.5 pounds, which makes it even more convenient.

Add-on Features

  • USB charging ports
  • 12V wall and vehicle chargers
  • Jumper clamp cables

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Advantages of this Beatit 600A


Your car trunk carries many things, and therefore any fragile contents are prone to damage. With the Beatit 600A Car Jumpstarter Booster, you have nothing to worry about. The outer casing is rigid enough and the interior contents tightly enclosed. This enables you to store it even in the glovebox.

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Time saver

A jump starter should be an emergency and therefore time saver. With this Beatit 600A Booster, you are sure of rapid charging in less than six hours. This means you can be charging it overnight and carry it the next day. This gives you another reason why you should not lack this gadget in your car.


The Beatit 600A Car Jumpstarter Booster has enough power to boost your battery up to 30 times. With the 600 amps of power, the battery has enough dischargeable current to boost any car battery. The lithium battery adds up to the quality of this power bank. 

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With the strong cables, rigid but responsive clamps and well-designed Circuit boards and housing, you are sure to have a long lifespan of the device. 


Most batteries experience discharging phenomenon with environmental fluctuations. However, the Beatit 600A Car Jumpstarter booster outdoes them all. It can tolerate temperatures as below as -25?c and as high as 60?c.

User friendly

With the many safety features, including spark-proof technology, the Beatit 600A Booster protects the user from adversities of high voltage shocks. Also, the layout design is unique but simple and requires just following the markings it has.

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The Beatit 600A Car jump starter is not limited to cars only. It is compatible with up to 5.5L petrol and 4.0L diesel engines, motorcycles, boats, etc. 


  • Can't charge laptops or cameras. It would be good if the unit had a 19 Volt output port that will allow users to charge laptops and cameras. 
  • Smart Charging Port It is a nice feature that the unit provides a 2.1A 5-volt charging port, but we could not verify if the unit uses the CPU to monitor the current draw from this port. 


The Beatit 600A is a solid portable jump starter and power bank. We like the features that this solid jump starter offers such as the built-in light, compass, solid housing. It can jump start a 6 cylinder car with a completely dead battery. It has a 2.1 A smart charging USB port. We wish that it had a 12-volt and 19-volt output for charging laptops and cameras. 

Top Alternatives

What is in the box? 

  • Beatit jump starter
  • 12V battery clips 
  • USB cable for smart devices
  • Power supply adapter 
  • Car charger
  • Smart leather bag
  • User manual

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often do you need to recharge the Beatit Jump Starter? 
    • Recharge the unit every 4-5 for optimal performance. 
  • How many times can I charge my cell phone or tablet before I need to recharge? 
    • The answer to this questions depends on the capacity of the device that you are trying to charge. Technically the Beatit has a 14000 mAh battery which means that you can recharge a smartphone battery (2000 mAh) about 6 to 7 times. 
  • Does the case hold the charger and the cables? 
    • Yes, the case is large enough to hold all the cables that come with this case. 
  • My car won't start, is the Beatit defective? 
    • Not necessary. If your car battery is completely dead, leave the Beatit connected for at least 5 minutes. Check the clamps and try jump starting again. 
  • Do I need to keep it plugged when jump starting  or I try to charge another battery? 
    • No, you do not. The current draw during a jump start is much higher than what is supplied by the power supply. Make sure the Beatit is charged fully before you use it. 
  • Can I use this to charge a laptop? 
    • It depends on the voltage requirements of your laptop. Most laptops require 19 volts. The Beatit jump starter only has two 5-volt USB ports. If that is all you need then yes, you can charge your laptop. 
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Mark Swartwood

The 1st time I used my beatit my cables fried. Melted the redbox. Not to happy. Where can I get a set of replacement cables?

samuel chell

These clamps look much like those on a GooLoo unit I purchased with the same specs. The problem was the inability of the clamps to maintain a hold at maximum width. The 2nd time I used them the red clamp simply shattered, leaving me useless broken plastic and a spring. I noticed that the Asian battery used for illustration had much smaller terminals than those on my '02 Lincoln LS battery. The maker either needs to upgrade the quality of the clamps (metal throughout) or warn against opening them at full width. (Usually there's a small conductive part that can be used for the red clamp without opening it all the way.) Still a pricey option, since the clamps include the intelligent circuitry.


how long does its charge last

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