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DBPower Jump Starter Review


DBPower Jump Starter Review

Car Jump Starter Emergency Charger Booster Power Bank Battery 12000mahAfter completing so many hands-on reviews of jump starters such as Noco, Jump-N-Carry, Gooloo and BeatIt, we decided to do a DBPower Jump Starter review as well. DBPower boosters have become very popular and that is for several good reasons. In this DBPower Jump Starter Review we will test the unit by jump starting a 3.2L V6 engine, test the USB charging ports and go over the pros and cons of the DBPower jump starter. 

DBPower Jump Starter Features

DBPower is a lithium car jump starter, battery booster,  phone charger, power bank with a capacity of up to 18000 mAh and 600A peak starting. It is portable jump starter that can help you in charging your vehicle’s battery anytime anywhere you want. It has USB 2.4A smart charging port for phones, tablets, and laptops. Comes with a practical LCD screen that many other jump starters lack, which shows the jump starter capacity and different modes of device. It has a compass and bright LED flashlight too.     

DBPower Portable Car Jump Starter

A powerful and compact lithium jump starter that fits in the glovebox of your car, yet it can pack as much as 18000mAh to jump start even an eight-cylinder gasoline engine. There are several models of the DBPower jump starter. For larger engines, you will need to pick a starter with the highest starting current. For four-cylinder engines, you will be fine even with DBPower DJS40 model which has a peak starting amperage of 300A. Here is a quick spanshot of the DBPower model specs: 

  • DBPower DJS50 600A Peak 18000mAh
    Good for gasoline engines up to 6.5L and diesel engines up to 5.2L. Battery capacity of 18000mAh. Capable of charging your laptops and smartphones for days. 
  • DBPower DJS60  500A Peak 12000mAh
    Can jump start cars with engines up to 3.2 L (according to our test) and diesel engines up to 2.5L. Has a battery capacity of 12000mAh. Comes with a smart charging port for smartphones and laptop adapters. 
  • DBPower DJS40 300A Peak 8000mAh
    Good for jump starting vehicles with four-cylinder engine. Gasoline engines up to 2.5L and diesel up to 1.8L. 

DBPower Jump Starter Owner's Manual 

Download DSJ40 Manual

Download DSJ50 Manual

Download DSJ60 Manual

DBPower DJS60  500A Peak 12000mAhThe model that we tested was DBPower DJS60 500A Peak jump starter. According to the manufacturer, this jump starter is capable of starting gasoline engines up to 3 litter. We wanted to push the limit so we tested it on a 3.2L 6 cylinder engine. Not only that but we disconnected the car battery and tried to jump start the car without the help of the car battery. This way you can see if DBPower is capable of starting the car that has a completely dead battery. 

Watch the video to find out if the DBPower was capable of jump starting a 3.2L engine. 

We found out that not only was this DBPower Jump Starter able to start our six cylinder Crossfire (which has a Mercedes M112 engine) but it did so without the help of the car battery. Started the car three consecutive times in a row. Before we jump started our car, the charger showed a 95% charge, after 3 jump starts the charge only droped 1%. Very impressive. 

DBPower Power Bank / Phone Charger / USB Charging Ports

The DBPower jump starters have two USB ports. The USB ports provide 5V 2.4A ampere via the smart port and 5V 2.0A port. We tested the USB ports with an LG G4. As you can see from the following pictures the phone was charging at nearly 1000mA (1A). This is normal as most smartphones can not accept charging currents over 1A. The current from the smart USB port varied as the phone battery was getting full which is proper operation for smart USB ports. DBPower Portable Car Jump Starter DSJ40 DSJ50 DSJ60

Change any device with 12 Volt / 16 Volt / 19 Volt Output

DBPower Jump Starters have an outport port that will allow you to charge almost any electronic device. There are 8 adapters to cover a range of laptops and the port has an output of 12 Volt, 16 volt and 19 Volt. You switch between these setting by pressing the power button. This is unique feature of DBPower. Most of the jump starters that we tested either didn't have this port or they only had one output setting of 19 Volt. The two USB ports and this feature makes DBPower jump starters excellent portable power bank. 

DBPower Jump Starters come with many adapters (eight) that will allow you to charge most laptops including (Dell, Acer, Compaq, Lenovo, and HP). The laptop charging port is not marked on the case or the manual.

Smart charging port

The device contains smart port for charging purposes, though which you can charge your laptops, phones, tablets, pads, and other electronics at the quicker speed ever possible. 

Compact in size and very powerful

The size of whole arrangement is soo compact; you can even store it in the glovebox. Has overall dimensions of 9.7 x 3.9 x 4.9 inches. 

Protective covering

DBPower Jump Starter ReviewThe auto battery booster is protected by the high-quality shielding case. There is built-in microprocessor which avoids the device from being short-circuited, or get overloaded, over voltage and overcharged.

LCD screen and Compass in new versions:

The upcoming versions of auto battery booster has a remarkable LCD screen which displays the mode, speed of charging and the remaining amount of power. The compass present in the recent boosters has ability to guide you in the case if you lose the direction while driving on the unknown road.

DBPower DSJ60 Specs

  • Jump Start up to 3L gas or 2.5L diesel engine
  • 12000mAh capacity
  • Output: Smart USB port 5V 2.4A 5V 2.1A
  • Input 15V 1A
  • Starting Current 250 Peak 500A
  • 8 laptop adapters
  • LCD screen can show the remaining battery capacity
  • 12V wall charger, 12V car charger

DBPower DJS40 300A Peak 8000mAh

DBPower Jump Starter Quality

mazda key battery replacement cx-9Overall this is a very solid jump starter. DBPower has a rugged case which is great if the jump starter is going to be sitting in your garage. Comes with it's own carrying case which thankfully can hold all the cables and accessories. 

Defective Clamps

During our research we found several users complaining about the clamp quality. The clamps on this jump starter are of similar quality as the ones found on other highly rated jump starters such as Gooloo and BeatIt. 

After a few more uses the clamps broke. See picture for details.  


DBPower Jump Starter Pros & Cons

DBPower Jump Starter Pros & ConsPros

  • Very powerful charging device. Jump start vehicles over 20 times. 
  • Can be used as power bank to keep your cell phone charged for weeks. 
  • Charges the equipment fast via the USB Smart Charging Port. 
  • Adapters for charging laptops, cameras plus USB port to charge Android / iPhone smartphones. 
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Sturdy protective covering saves the device from accident damage


  • Clamps were an issue in the past.
  • 110 Volt Only. You can’t use it with AC supply of 220V. Not an issue if you live in US. Can be charged via the cigarette lighter if 110 isn't available.  
  • We couldn't find details on the warranty and what is covered. You will need to contact the seller for a replacement. Locating an online seller two years down the road can be a challenge. 
  • Not the smallest lithium jump starter. Still very compact and fits in the glove box.
  • Clamps break very easily.

DBPower Jump Starter Instructions

In this section you will find DBPower Jump Starter Instructions. How to use DBPower jump starter to boost a dead car battery. 

Step 1

Turn on you jump starter. Ensure that the DBPower is at least 50% charged. 

Step 2

Insert the jumper cables into the jump starter. DBPower DJS50 600A Peak 18000mAh

Step 3

Make sure the keys are removed from the ignition. Connecting a jump starter to the car battery with the keys in the ignition can damage electronics and ECU in modern vehicles. DBPower Jump Starter Instructions

Step 4

Connect the jumper cables to the battery. Connect the RED (positive) clamp to the positive battery terminal. The positive battery terminal has a + sign or a RED cover or cable. Next, connect the BLACK (negative) clamp to the negative battery terminal. DBPower Jump Starter Warranty

Step 5

Jump start your vehicle. 

Where to buy DBPower Jump Starter

DBPower jump starters can be purchased online if you are looking for a good price. The lowest price that we could find on DBPower Jump Starters was here. 

DBPower Jump Starter Warranty

DBPower jump starters come with a 3-year warranty. You will need to contact the seller in order to get a replacement unit. We coudn't find any further details 

What’s included

12000mah Car Jump Starter Portable Battery Charger Power Bank Booster US StockPackage of DB Power starter auto booster battery DJS60 comes along with smart LCD, compass, LED lights, jumper wires for making connections through clamps, complete user guide, 12 V wall charger, and 12 V car charger; are all available for under $100. You get the warranty of 3 years on this deal and a very friendly customer service too.

The booster comes in yellow color with red, black clamps, and blue LCD screen. Each package has 8 laptop adapters. The weight of the entire package is 2.5 pounds.

Some other technical details are given below:

Manufacturer:  DB Power  Limited

Device weight: 1.3 pounds

Device dimensions: 9.7 x 3.9 x 4.9 inches

Model number: DJS60 DJS40 DSJ50 DSJ30

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