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ScanGauge II Digital Trip Monitor Review


The ScanGauge II Digital Trip Monitor is the perfect addition to any dashboard because it shows you how the way that you are driving affects your car. For instances, you can see how fast that you go changes the way that your car uses fuel. You can see going 60 mph is going to cause you to use more gas or less. You can also see all problems as they come, sometimes even before they come.


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Look at this example: your car is running slightly hot, but not enough to notice a difference in the way that it runs. However, with the ScanGauge II Digital Trip Monitor you can see why it is running hot before it causes problems in the car. All you need to do is look up the code that the device reads out on the screen. The code will tell you what is wrong so that you can fix it without having to see a mechanic to get a diagnosis. This saves you both time and money.



We have all been there. The check engine light comes on and we have no idea why. Now, if you have a ScanGauge II Digital Trip Monitor, all you have to do is pull up the code and see what?s wrong. Problem is solved before it is costly.

You will be glad to see the output, literally. The display is large enough to be clear to see and read, day or night, while still being small enough that it doesn?t take up too much room on your dash.  All of the codes make sense, are easy to find, and are stored in real time. It is easy to find out what it is wrong with your car without having to guess because they are easy to look up.

The ScanGaugeII features the all Performance Monitor for real-time performance measurements. 

  • Track your quarter-mile times and speeds at the track.
  • Determine your vehicles 0-60 time.
  • Measure your vehicles braking performance
  • Save and Recall performance runs
  • Monitor specific Digitial Gauges

The biggest pro to having the ScanGauge II Digital Trip Monitor above all the others is that it updates on its own. It is not difficult to see or read.


The downside to this device is that it has a very long cord. The cord can get in the way when you are trying to install it. It can become wrapped around your shifter, or just get tangled, causing a safety issue. It comes with a Velcro kit that is deeply insufficient. It does not hold very well at all. What you are going to need to do is go to your closet home improvement store and get some heavy duty Velcro or find another way to attach it.

The biggest problem, however, is that if you need to put in a code, it can be tricky to do so. You only have 15 seconds to input the code before it shuts off. That means if you don?t have the code in hand and ready to reference, it is going to be difficult.

ScanGaguge II features

The ScanGaugeII allows you to troubleshoot your own car, read error codes, and the conditions present when the error occurred. You can also turn off the ?Check Engine? light and avoid those costly trips to the mechanic. 

  • Reads Trouble Codes
  • Reads conditions that set the Trouble Code
  • Clears Trouble Codes
  • Turns off the "Check Engine" light
  • Tells you when vehicle is "Ready" to pass OBDII testing
  • Make and store up to 10 rewritable special codes
  • to send to the vehicle computer

The best part of the ScanGauge II Digital Trip Monitor is the way that it mounts anywhere that you need for too. It does not need any outside source of power, there are no tools to purchase, or any other requirements. You can add it anywhere that you need it to.

Digital Gauges

Display 4 gauges at a time from the 15 built-in digital gauges. The information is presented in Real-time! 

  • Fuel Economy
  • Fuel Rate
  • Battery Voltage
  • Coolant Temperature
  • Intake Air Temperature
  • Engine Speed (RPM)
  • Vehicle speed (MPH)
  • Manifold Pressure (not available on some vehicles)
  • Engine Load
  • Throttle Position
  • Ignition Timing
  • Open/Closed Loop

The display shows the miles you traveled, the amount of gas that you use per mile (GPM), the cost per gallon per mile, and how the speed you are moving at effects the amount of gas that you are burning.


There are two ways to find the codes that you need. You can look under the pending codes to see any problems as they are arising. You can also look under the stored codes in order to see problems as they are causing issues. The benefit of this is that you can then look up the code, either online or in the car?s manual, and see exactly what is wrong. You don?t need a mechanic. You also don?t have to just guess and waste money on possible fixes.

Automatically tracks four sets of trip data - Each with 11 individually stored parameters. 

  • Maximum Speed
  • Average Speed
  • Maximum Coolant Temperature
  • Maximum RPM
  • Driving Time
  • Driving Distance
  • Fuel Used
  • Trip Fuel Economy
  • Distance to Empty
  • Time to Empty
  • Fuel to Empty


Overall, if you compare the ScanGauge II Digital Trip Monitor to other trip monitors in the same price points, you will see that this one is the easiest to use without hassle. The displays are clear and easy to use. If you ever wanted a product where the advertising was just perfect, this is it. You get what you need based on what it says it will do. The few issues are minor and easy to work around with a little preparation. It does exactly what you need it and nothing else. Wouldn?t it be great if all products did what they say they would do like this one? It is a great addition to any car or truck.

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