Suaoki Jump Starter Review

Suaoki recently introduced a powerful lithium jump starter with a rated starting current of 1000A and peak current of 2000A. The jump starter in question is currently sold as model Suaoki 2000A U28 jump starter. Having such impressive specs, we decided to test one. In our review, we tested the Suaoki U28 jump starter on a Chrysler Crossfire which had a completely dead battery. What's more important to point out is that the Suaoki battery status was at 75%. Our test car is equipped with a six-cylinder M112 engine made by Mercedes-Benz.

Most cars on the road today are only four or six cylinders. With 1000A start current rating the Suaoki should be able to jump-start even a V12 gasoline engine. According to the manufacturer, it is capable of starting even diesel engines up to 8 litters. This little jump starter not only can it start virtually any car on the road but we may finally have a portable jump starter that can get a tractor going. Jump-starting boat is not even a concern considering that this jump starter can start much larger engines. According to the manufacturer, it is able to start cars with engines up to 10.0L gas and 8.0L diesel. 

suaoki jump starter review



  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Start Current 1000A
    • Peak: 2000A
  • Two USB Output Ports
    • 5 Volt 2.4A
  • Capacity: 60Wh
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1. Features

Reverse Polarity Protection

suaoki mini jump starter battery

Connecting the jumper cables or a jump box backward on a modern vehicle will not light up your view but it can end up being a very expensive lesson. The Suaoki jump starter has built-in reverse polarity protection. If you connect the jump starter the wrong way, nothing happens other than the red LED coming on and an audible beep. 

60Wh Power Bank

suaoki 18000mah car jump starter suaoki multi-funktions auto jump starter

The Suaoki has two USB ports. They come in handy if you are going backpacking and need a flashlight to last for hours or a power source to charge your devices. The output for the USB ports is up to 2.5 ampere. Higher than most lithium jump starters we have reviewed which typically are rated at 1 ampere. The advantage of these high power USB ports is that they allow you to quickly charge your phone or electronic device. 

12-volt accessory outlet

suaoki g7 600a portable car jump starter battery suaoki car jump starter

Many of the jump starters we have reviewed don't come with a 12-volt socket but Suaoki 2000A jump starter does. This is the same type of socket as the cigarette outlet in your car. 


suaoki g7 18 000 mah jump starter suaoki mini jump starter t6

Suaoki U29 has an integrated flashlight. The flashlight comes in handy when you are trying to connect the jumper cables in the dark. You can also use it in case you need a flashlight when you go camping. To turn on the flashlight just press and hold the power button.

Battery Status

suaoki jump starter amazon suaoki jump starter not working suaoki jump starter manual suaoki jump starter error

On the side of the housing, you will see four LED lights. If you press the power button for a second they will light up indicating the status of the battery. THis is the status of the jump starter, not the car battery. While we were able to jump-start our car with only 75% charge, it is not recommended to let the charge drop below 50%.

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2. Where can Suaoki jump starter improve? 

  • Instructions. The instructions are well written and come in many languages. They are adequate but someone who has never jump started a car in their life may want to read more in-depth information. 
  • Case. This jump starter has a solid case but if it had rubber on the corners would have made this truly a heavy duty jump starter. For now, avoid dropping the jump starter to the ground. 
  • Clamps. All the portable jump starters that we reviewed have plastic clamps. The Suaoki clamps are larger than clamps found on other jump starters. The clamps can be improved by changing the material to all copper or at least reinforce the pivot points. 
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3. Noco jump starter alternative

suaoki jump starter bedienungsanleitung

The Suaoki is a true competitor to the NOCO Lithium jump starter. Currently, it is also priced lower than popular NOCO GB70 Genius Boost GB70 2000 Amp jump starter. If you are looking for a less expensive jump starter than NOCO  2000A jump starter that still offers 2000A peak current then Suaoki U28 is a good alternative. 

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4. Where to buy Suaoki 2000A Jump Starter? 

For the lowest possible price on Suaoki jump starter check prices on the following two retailers. 


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