vw low brake fluid level warning leak

2017 Volkswagen Passat Low Brake Fluid Warning

Last Updated on Thursday Aug 31, 2017


The brake fluid level may decrease in the brake fluid reservoir due to a problem with brake line flare on 2017 VW Passat. If this happens the low brake fluid warning light will turn on.  This problem can cause an accident if ignored because your car will require a longer distance to stop. This increases the risk of causing a rear end accident.

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1. Summary

volkswagen brake line problem leak can cause accident

If your Volkswagen Passat illuminates the low brake fluid warning light, have your car checked as soon as possible. The main cause for this problem is that the end flares for the brake lines weren't properly manufactured and won't create a proper seal. The brake lines slowly leak over time at the brake fluid reservoir or the brake caliper. These brake lines were manufactured by Sanoh America Inc located in the United States1. There is a recall covering certain VW Passats. If your VW is part of the 47N3 recall2, your dealer should fix this problem free of charge. Approximately 1000 Passats were affected by this recall.

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2. Symptoms

  • Low brake fluid warning light on
  • Brake fluid leak
  • Decreased braking power
  • Leaking brake lines
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3. How to identify

Affected vehicles:

  • 2017 Volkswagen Passat 

Check if there are any recalls by VIN. 

  1. Go to Volkswagen home page. 
  2. Click on Lookup Recalls link
  3. Locate Recall/Service Campaign Lookup Tool
  4. Enter the VIN number or your car 

Most of the cars with this problem had VINs starting with 1VWCT7A37HC049175 and ending with 1VWDT7A30HC053637. According to VW it doesn't mean that if your VIN falls within this range you have this problem.

VW manufactured after January 2017 should not be affected by this problem. 

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4. How is this fixed

To fix this problem replace the defective VW brake lines with new brake lines that have properly manufactured flares. Parts that need to be replaced have these part numbers:

Typical lines that need to be replaced include the left front brake line and the right rear brake line. Instructions on how to replace the brake lines can be found here. 

Required Tools

Below is a list of tools that will need to be used to perform this repair. Detailed tool list can be seen here.

Brake Bleeding Tool Set
Brake Charger Bleedern Unit 
Digita Torque Wrench
Engine Gearbox Jack -VAS6931
Engine Bung Set -VAS6122
Engine / Gearbox Jack Adapter WheeHub
Hose Clamp Pliers -VA6340
Locating Pin T10096
Oi Drai Pan
Pry Lever -80-200
Protectiv Eyewear
Puller Ball joint -T10187
Safet Gloves
Subrame Locking Pin
Support -T10149
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5. How to contact dealer

You should contact your local VW dealer to address this problem. 

Click here to locate the nearest VW dealer. 

If you still have concerns contact VW headquarters by calling 1-800-893-5298

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6. Resources

  1. Part 573 Safety Recall Report 17V-075 
  2. Safety Recall 47N3 – Brake Lines Certain 2017 Model Year Volkswagen Passat
  3. Safety Recall Code: 47N3 


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Common Causes

The end flares for the brake lines were not manufactured properly or has damage. The brake lines didn't seal properly and allowed brake fluid to leak. 

Recall / TSB / NHTSA #
Brake System, ABS