bmw abs pump constantly running

BMW ABS Constantly Running, Drains battery

Last Updated on Monday Jul 24, 2017


BMW ABS pump may fail and cause the ABS pump to stay constantly on. Eventually, the ABS pump will drain the car battery as well. This is often caused by either a failed ABS module or a faulty relay. Units affected are Bosch 5.3, Bosch 5.4 and Bosch 5.7 ABS modules installed on several BMW cars including 3-series, 5-series, 7-series, X3, X5 etc. 

Your options are to have the dealer replace the ABS hydraulic unit which in most cases costs between $1000-$2000. Another option is to remove your failed ABS pump & control module and send it for repair to shops that specialize in repairing these ABS units. 

Search for BMW ABS ATC Pump Module Repair services. 

Common Causes

The two most common issues that cause BMW ABS pump constantly running problems: 

  • ABS Hydraulic Unit Failure
  • Faulty ABS pump relay

The first thing you should consider doing is to remove the ABS fuse so that you don't burn the ABS motor or continue to drain your car battery. Make sure you understand the risk of driving a car without ABS.

Before you start replacing car parts, it is important to read the codes from your BMW. Read this article that talks about the best scan tools that will allow you to read BMW specific fault codes

Watch a video on how to read and clear BMW ABS fault codes which may trigger the DSC / ABS / Brake warning lights. You will need a scan tool that can read BMW specific fault codes such as Foxwell NT510 for BMW. You can learn more about BMW scan tools here. 

Check the ABS relay. You can either test the relay using a digital multimeter. Replacing the relay is very easy and straight forward. Make sure to replace the defective relay with an OEM BMW relay whenever possible. 

Otherwise, if you determine that the ABS module is the culprit decide on a fix. Your BMW dealer would be happy to install a new ABS hydraulic unit. If that option is not feasible, consider using a BMW ATC Pump Module Repair. You will need to send in your unit. Once it is repaired, it will get returned to you. Install the ABS module on your BMW. Clear any codes. No need to code the ABS since the VIN already matches your car. 

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